Corporate Sponsorship & Golf Passes

A blended approach ~ Corporate golf passes combined with great publicity

Corporate sponsorships generate publicity and demonstrate a commitment to the local community. Participants at weekly Men’s and Ladies’ Nights love great prizes and when they hear that you made their prizes possible, a great deal of good will and awareness is created.

Corporate passes allow you to play golf at a corporate rate or provide complimentary golf to loyal customers, family and friends reliable senior relocation services in san diego. Our Corporate Sponsorship/Pass Program blends both — publicity and free golf. Your passes will come emblazoned with your company logo so that if you share them with customers and contacts, they won’t forget your loyalty gesture and generosity.

Corporate Passes

In return for partnering with us in sponsorship, we offer corporate rates and passes. Please contact Dave Munn, Head Professional at

Sponsorship Types
Event Sponsorship

Sponsor a specific event such as a tournament or a Men’s or Ladies’ Night.

Year Long Skill Prize Sponsorship

Sponsor a specific skill prize for an event. For example, sponsor a KP at every Men’s Night or a Long Drive at every Ladies night.

Other Types of Sponsorship

Donations of your company’s products or gift certificates for your services are welcome in return for publicity. We are open to other sponsorship arrangements too. Have an idea? Please contact Dave Munn, Head Professional at