Now that January is in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start thinking about your golf game again! It won’t be long until all the snow is melted in Salmon Arm, exposing the beautiful greens at Shuswap National. Check pariuri casino. If you are serious about improving your golf game, you should be practising, exercising and stretching all winter long.

Have you put any thoughts of golf on the backburner in favour of holiday celebrations and Sunday football? That’s OK, there is still time to get your body ready for the fairways. Complete these 4 exercises every other day and get ready to hit the ball farther than ever before!

1.The Classic Lunge

If you want to improve your swing speed, you have to start with your hip strength. Strong hips will give you powerful rotation, follow through, and stability throughout your swings. Taking care of your hips is also incredibly important for our general health as well, especially as we age.

A female golfer completing a lunge to stay fit on the offseason

Start off in a relaxed stance, feet about shoulder width apart. Next, take a large step forward, planting your foot firmly and bringing your shin bone to a position where it is vertically aligned with the floor. Make sure your knee does not go past your planted foot! Let the knee of your back leg slowly come down and touch the floor- when this occurs explode back up to your regular standing position and complete the exercise on the opposite leg. Looking for a visual explanation of a proper lunge?


2.Club Swings


What better way to keep your golf game honed than to actually swing a club! You can 

use your favourite club, or find a weighted club and practise the various motions that you would actually use out on the course. Really focus on your technique and try holding your poses in various stages of your swing. This will do wonders for all the little supporting muscles in your back and shoulders while also training your brain with muscle memory!



30 years ago, you would rarely hear someone discuss golf and weightlifting in the same sentence. After Tiger Woods busted onto the scene and shared his workout routines with the world, many golf advocates quickly changed their minds about barbells. Deadlifts are one of the few compound exercises that benefit the entire body. Although deadlifts help with almost every muscle group, they are particularly useful for the lower back region when completed

A man displaying the proper form of a deadlift for staying in shape on the golf offseason

 properly. This is where most golf injuries occur, so it’s smart to pay extra attention to this area in the offseason. If you strengthen your muscles, you will avoid injuries while playing and potentially add a few yards to your drive as well. Aim for 10-15 repetitions for 3-4 sets and if you are just learning to deadlift, or it has been a few years since you have lifted weights, start very, very light! You don’t want to hurt yourself with spring right around the corner!

Proper technique when completing deadlifts is paramount- brush up on your form here.

4. Down Dog to Help with Dog Legs!


Do you want the secret weapon that professional golfers use year-round to elevate their game? Visit It’s not a new tool or technology developed by Nike or Taylormade… it’s one of the most basic concepts of physical fitness that you know you should be incorporating- stretching.

A female golfer practicing yoga while on the golf course

Stretching can radically improve your game, but if only you do it properly and consistently. When you become more flexible your range of motion will increase, which will give you more swing speed and power. This translates into more control on the fairways and likely a longer drive. A regular stretching routine will also drastically decrease the chances of a golf-related injury. 

One of the most underrated and useful stretches you can incorporate into your off-season regime is the yoga position commonly referred to as the downward dog. Check decent article about free bets. When completed properly, the downward dog position will stretch out your entire body, focusing on your calves, back and shoulder mobility.


There you have it- four simple exercises that will keep you limber and potentially take a few strokes off of your game this year! Are you ready to start planning your golf schedule for the summer?. Check Live Casino Bonus.


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